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Short shipment 

Complaints relating to ascertainable shortcomings can only be accepted if submitted to us within 10 working days of receipt of the shipment. We will, at our discretion, rework or provide replacement for such parts as within 3 months. As compensation, equal 50% amount of the short shipment will be returned to the customer within 20 working days since clarification of the shortcomings. Customer shall concur in scheduling and permit us adequate time and opportunity to perform such re-work, otherwise we are relieved of our obligation to rectify shortcomings. Only in urgent cases in which operational dependability is endangered and to prevent disproportionately extensive damage, in which circumstances we must be notified forthwith, or if we are in default with rectification of the shortcoming, shall customer have the right to rectify the shortcoming or have it rectified by others and to demand from us remuneration for the necessary costs.